Here’s a list of useful resources and links that should help you start the conversation with other parents, the school leadership, residents associations and elected representatives.

  • Best practices for school street schemes, practitioners’ guide. (Sustrans, July 2022), view
  • School streets: putting children and the planet first. Child Health Initiative’s Global Advocacy Hub and FIA Foundation (April 2022), view
  • School Streets: Intervention sites vs Control sites. Full report, TfL (January 2021), view
  • School Streets Reducing children’s exposure to toxic air pollution and road danger (January 2021), View
  • New report by Dr Adrian Davis, professor of transport and health at Edinburgh Napier University on reviewing 16 School Streets studies View
  • NEW – Hackney School Streets Toolkit for professionals (February 2021) View
  • Evaporating traffic? Impact of low-traffic neighbourhoods on main roads (Sept 2019) View
  • Friends of the Earth’s briefing View
  • Here’s why the UK should start closing school streets to traffic, CiyMetrics View
  • Walking to School, Living Streets View
  • Living Streets Campaign (2018) View
  • Review of interventions to improve outdoor air quality and public health, Public Health England View
  • Introduction to Healthy Streets View
  • Benefits of Active Travel for Young People, Sustrans View
  • Revealed: air pollution may be damaging every organ in the body, The Guardian (May 2019) View
  • Every Breath A Threat – The impacts of NO₂ on human health | Greenpeace (2017) View
  • Edinburgh Council School Streets Pilot Evaluation, View
  • Camden Council’s School Streets Report View

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