DfT on moving traffic offences: it’s coming from December!

School Streets road sign | School Streets Initiative

Finally! After more than a decade of asking, the Department for Transport has made the necessary changes in the legislation to give the powers to councils outside of London (and some councils in Wales) to enforce moving traffic offences. This is the Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 that had not been implemented and this was the main barrier for councils to use ANPR to enforce School Streets and issue fines.

“From December, local authorities will be able to enforce moving traffic offences, such as banned turns, box junctions and driving in formal cycle lanes. They will be expected to use these powers to improve connectivity, boost active travel, and increase air quality by reducing congestion”

 Baroness Vere, 15/06/2021

Guidance is expected to be published shortly to ensure fairness in using these new powers. School Streets is one way to ensure more equitable streets by protecting children and their families from road danger at the school gate.

You can read the full article from Transport Network here.

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